My Spotless Skin Routine

Knowing me is to embrace the fact that I will moan about my oily skin at least once a day. Whether I am asking you if I need to blot or if my make up has melted off, it is definitely the topic of conversation at some point.

Some say that having oily skin is a blessing in disguise because it is supposedly meant to prevent wrinkles. How? Because all of that disgusting shine that appears on my t-zone shortly after 12pm, helps to keep my skin more moist & smooth than those with dry skin. Although this is actually backed up by a study, I really couldn’t care less!

Having skin that produces buckets of oil is the bane of my life because it prevents me from doing so much with my makeup.Cream contour? Forget it. I mean I know that contouring is supposed to be subtle, but any sculpting I achieve with cream based products completely disappears within an hour. Natural? More like non -existent! Liquid Highlighter? Ew. Why would I wan’t to add anything to my skin that will literally highlight the grease? “Dewy” skin? Oh please. I woke up like this!

Whilst I may get to 50 years old with no wrinkles, I will probably look like a hormonal teenager with acne instead! With mass oil production, comes mass spot production. So not only do I have to find products which can keep my shine at bay, I also have to make sure they can simultaneously cover up & prevent blemishes! 

After receiving a number of gifts for Christmas & visiting New York, I am unfortunately yet to find products which cater to both of my skin issues, but I can proudly say my search for treating my horrific spots can finally end!…

Before:                                                   After:

I have only been using these products for just over a week & they have already made such a big difference! I repeat this routine every morning & night.

1. The Ritual of Sakura Body Scrub £19.504479-014479_sakurabodyscrubIt wasn’t until I received this scrub in a gift set for Christmas that I had heard of this brand. Everything in the set smelt divine & after a bit of research, I discovered that it is quite an expensive brand. As a result, I expected the products to be of good quality & I was definitely right. Although this scrub is intended for use on the body, I thought I’d give it a try on my blemished area which was single-handedly the best decision I have ever made! I noticed an immediate difference the day after. Like most scrubs, I find that this works best when used in the shower & not too often. Therefore I only use it once a day as it is likely to irritate the spots if used too much.

2. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash £6en-gb-tea-tree-skin-clearing-facial-wash-2-640x640

I start by squeezing some of this onto a cotton pad & rubbing it in circular motions all over my face. I then add a tiny bit more onto the other side of the pad & rub the product directly over my break out area. I have been using this product for almost 2 years now & only had to restock once! Definitely value for money. Be warned, it has a slight pong to it but you will soldier through this once you see the results.

3. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner  £6tea-tree-skin-clearing-mattifying-toner-1-640x640

As you can see, the image above looks a little different to the one I have pictured at the top of this post but fear not; it’s the same product but different packaging. This just goes to show how long the product really lasts & how long I have been using this range! Although step two is crucial in preparing your face for make up & just cleansing in general, I don’t feel as though my skin is truly fresh until I use this toner afterwards. Not only does it instantly remove my shine (for a while), it still brings up makeup residue which the facial wash failed to locate. It really takes no prisoners!

4. Ultra Facial Cream £24


I’ve never used anything from Kiehl’s before but have heard many people rave about this being the best moisturiser. Of course I never wanted to try it because my skin already has enough moisture & also my favourite word “mattifying” was nowhere to be seen. However my friend is a makeup artist who obviously has the most flawless skin & she told me that this cream was the secret to her perfect canvas. She used to have similar spots to mine & in the exact same place, so when she recommended this to me I was sold. Note that you have to use this product over a long period of time to see complete results & you only need to use a pea sized amount for it to cover your whole face. Definitely an investment buy!

I still have a long way to go until my oil is controlled & my blemishes are tamed, but the combination of these products has taken me halfway there! Any recommendations? Leave a comment below..

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