Welcome to my blog!

My name is Nicole Breeden & I am a 26 year old marketing exec living in Essex, England. I studied a degree in English Language & Communication with Journalism at the University of Hertfordshire. I decided to start this blog for a bit of fun & to share my different discoveries in beauty, fashion & food.

I am regularly asked:

  • Where do you find these bargain clothes from?
  • You are eating out AGAIN?!
  • How do you make your cheekbones look like that?

So, I thought why not answer all of the above & start writing about what I love?

The name “Discovering Difference” stemmed from the fact that I am always researching places to go & finding things to wear which aren’t always the norm or what people usually expect.

I hope that you enjoy reading all about my discoveries & can use them for your own inspiration.

Much Love,



One thought on “About

  1. This is absolutely wonderful darling. To think that I taught you singing (you were very good btw!) when you were a little girl! Now you are an all grown up fashion blogger! Love this!! xx

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