Hatch: Hip, Heavenly Brunch

Located in the heart of quaint and enchanting St Albans, Hatch is a busy, cosy cafe which serves all day breakfast and brunch. I came across this relaxed establishment after a quick Google of the best brunch in St Albans and it completely lived up to its great reviews.

When you think of brunch restaurants, you expect there to be the typical options of a full English, eggs benedict or pancakes. Whilst Hatch’s menu of course featured some of the usual common breakfast dishes, what made it so unique was the fact that they also served burgers, fishcakes, fritters and even schnitzel! It also made a change to see waffles as opposed to pancakes.

Whilst I was really tempted by the maple syrup and butter waffles, I decided to try a brunch classic since Hatch is an all day brunch cafe: avocado and poached eggs.


Where do I start?! Well firstly what I loved about this, was the fact that it was actually sliced avocado as opposed to smashed so I felt like I was truly eating avocado; and a lot of it too! Secondly there was only one egg, so it wasn’t too big or too small and didn’t have any fancy garnishes overpowering the creaminess of the avocado and egg yolk. Thirdly, the eggs were deliciously fresh and sourced all the way from St Ewe farm in Cornwall which is over 4 hours away from the restaurant!

Last but certainly not least was the addition of the sausage. Most places serve this with bacon as standard so to serve it with sausage was a nice twist. It wasn’t your normal cumberland sausage either, it was chorizo which really added another dimension and hint of spice to this zesty dish.

To top it off, I added some hash brown mini bites which were so tasty and moreish! Every brunch restaurant needs to jump on the bandwagon with these.

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Sourced more locally is their coffee from Campbell & Syne roasters in Kings Langley which I’d never heard of before, but certainly approve of.

Hatch 4

Overall, I’d recommend Hatch for a quick coffee catch-up with a friend, some nice light brunch or even to fill a sweet tooth craving with their waffles or cookie sandwich. There’s a wide selection available for everyone from meat lovers to veggies and vegans, and you can also enjoy Hatch on the go at their takeaway branch around the corner.

It’s slightly pricey (two cappucinos with oat milk, two main dishes and one side cost nearly £30) but very worth it. #DiscoverDifference for yourself by checking them out via the details below:

Website: https://www.hatchstalbans.com/ 

Twitter: @HatchStA

Instagram: @hatchsta


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