Discovery of the Month: NYX Epic Ink Liner

Now I love makeup, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m good at it. Everyone knows that I am literally THE worst at putting fake eyelashes on therefore if I do decide one night that I want to wear them, I will harass all of my friends until one of them agrees to put them on for me lol!

As a result, it may come as no surprise that I’m just as bad at winged eyeliner also! I will avoid attempting the winged liner look at all costs due to the fact that it not only takes forever to perfect, but normally only looks good with fake eyelashes. Since I’m not a pro at either, it’s easier to just forget about them both. That’s why I tend to use two mascaras to try to make them look as fake as I can! My two faves are mentioned in my previous blog post here.

I recently went to Boots to restock on my mascara and thought I’d have a ponder at the NYX counter. After becoming besties with the counter guy who’s face beating skills were 100% better than mine (not jealous at all), I discovered the NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner.



Remember those felt tip pens at school? This is literally like those! So easy to use and control – I outlined the wing and coloured it in!



I used to buy the “They’re Real” gel liner from Benefit Cosmetics because it was in this similar pen style, however I found the consistency of the gel really dry resulting in it peeling off throughout the day. It actually became a nuisance to put on after a while. The applicator was at a slant and quite thick so it was never possible to achieve the highly sought after feline flick anyway.

Due to my struggles with the Benefit gel liner, I decided to try a liquid eyeliner to lose the dryness of the gel and also because they tend to have thinner applicators with the packaging. I found the Rimmel Glam’eyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner really good and used this for years, but now, looking back at my pre ‘Epic Ink Liner’ days, it required a lot of layering.

The NYX Epic Liner is the complete opposite – highly pigmented, thin and creamy. When first applying this, I pressed lightly in order to get a feel of how it would apply. With a touch as light as a feather, it came out really defined and dark which positively surprised me. This meant that I didn’t have to sit idling at the mirror for ages going over the flick several times, which also meant that I was ready on time for once!

If any of you are weird like me, you will have this rule that when you have your hair up, you have to wear more makeup to compensate. However, I can never be bothered to put eyeliner on for work because I don’t want the hassle of trying to tidy it up and making my eyes match, but I honestly feel that this liner will encourage me to live up to my ‘hair up’ rule again.

See how quickly I perfected my natural winged eyeliner look in the video below.

Shop the NYX Professional Makeup ‘Epic Ink Liner’ here

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