Denim Days with Delilah Jade

2017 so far has seen the tremendous return of all things denim. It slowly trickled its way back into fashion earlier this winter with the oversized denim jacket, worn over huge hoodys or jumper dresses with thigh-high boots oh and not forgetting the waist-clenching corset belts.

Once I cottoned on that the denim jacket was trending again, I raided my wardrobe in search of the one that I purchased back in my school days in hope of looking like Rachel from Friends (if you know, you know!) However, before I even had time to find it, a new era of denim was born just in time for Spring – the ripped denim jacket.

Whether it’s worn on top of a bodycon dress, with one shoulder exposed or even as a cloak just hanging over shoulders, they are EVERYWHERE along with ripped everything.

Soon followed the denim skirts, the denim chokers, the denim heels, the embroidered denim and now, the denim dress.


As those of you with Instagram will know, there are countless numbers of online boutiques available. I have always been cautious of them and refrained from ordering no matter how gorgeous the items look as I feel like I might get catfished. That was until I discovered @DelilahJadeClothing.

They sent me a DM informing me of a sale they had on which intrigued me as the prices were super cheap, the clothes were fashionable and looked of a good quality too! The message couldn’t have come at a more perfect time; as I was looking for day dresses to wear for my city trip to Barcelona. That’s when I spotted this strappy, denim cami dress & decided that it was time to take the risk & order from one of these Instagram boutiques.

What says casual glam better than this?! I think it may even resolve the nice tops & jeans dilemma girls!


A bit bigger than I expected & not as tight fitting as I would normally like, but it’s actually perfect for pairing with flat sandals or espadrilles for my days of sightseeing in Spain soon as I can actually breathe & move my legs!

I thought I’d hide the fact that it’s a bit big with my lace-up corset belt which actually dressed it up a bit too. I’ll make a note to carry this belt around with me whilst exploring the city in case I end up at a nice restaurant or bar & need a quick spruce up.


Of course, this dress was one of the more expensive items (typical) but even so, it was only £20 – I don’t think you would pay any less from the likes of Pretty Little Thing or Missguided.

The last time I bought sunglasses was last year so I was due some new ones right?! I thought I’d try my luck & add to my order from Delilah Jade with the rose gold aviators pictured above. I had nothing to lose at the price of £12!

What’s good about boutique shopping is that you get to see what the clothes look like on real people, not just models, as they repost pics of their customers in the items. Therefore there is less chance of catfishing & less time spent sending stuff back! It’s super easy to order too – no filling out your personal details, just a simple DM with a screenshot of what you want to order & then pay with paypal.

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses: Delilah Jade (here)

Dress: Delilah Jade (here)

Belt: In The Style (here)

Shoes: Linzi (here)

If you would like to order the dress or sunglasses, leave a comment below or DM me on instagram @nicolealexia.


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