My Fashionable Finds at F & F

It was an average Wednesday evening. I was parking up at my local Tesco after a long day at work to get some groceries for dinner. All I could think as I forcibly dragged my legs out of the car was how tired I was & that if I was this tired to go to the supermarket, then how on earth would I make it out up London after work the next day?!

“Oh god” I said to myself. I had completely forgotten about those leaving drinks. My tiredness rapidly disappeared as the “what do I wear” anxiety took over. If possible, I will avoid going out straight after work like the plague because I can never find an outfit that can take me from day to night. It’s hard because you have to wear something relatively smart and comfortable in the day, but not too smart or comfortable because you don’t want to look like you are going to the office on a night out. Oh, the stress!

It was 7.30pm at this point so the only way I was going to get an outfit that evening was if I went to extortionate lengths like going to Lakeside or Westfield which are open until late. I SO wasn’t prepared to do that as I was yet to eat & go home from work, so I began to conjure up my excuse of why I couldn’t attend the drinks.

Nevertheless, what I mistook for a measly, average Wednesday night in Tesco, actually turned into a revolutionary evening; I had found a solution for the “drinks from work” problem! The clothes section is right near the entrance in my local Tesco & since this is what had completely consumed my brain for the past 10 minutes, what damage would it cause to have a quick look?

My eye was instantly drawn to these ghillie block heel babies 😍


When I worked at Dune London, this style of shoe would come in religiously every summer & I never got to get my hands on my size as they always sold out due to their popularity. They are so nice because they are comfy as they aren’t high, yet still have enough of a heel to justify having a heel (eg not an awful kitten heel lol). They also manage to incorporate this bang on trend lace up fashion, so it was like heaven opened up when I noticed these on the hanging rail. Perfect comfort block heel for work, yet dressy enough to wear to go out in after. Part 1 of after work trip to London ☑️

Tesco ftw so far – just something to wear with these ghillie sandals now & I’m sorted! Now, we all know that I am a sucker for anything with a choker, so when I saw this crepe choker dress, I was sold.


Not only is this material, light & airy for summer, it’s great to layer up in the winter too with tights & a duster coat or blazer. Part 2 of after work trip to London ☑️


It’s not too long, it’s not too short – it’s a respectable length for work. However, if you are weird like me & you won’t feel ready to go out unless you change at least something to the outfit or makeup you have been wearing all day, see below how I jazzed it up & shortened it with a corset belt from In The Style .


So ladies, on your next grocery shop, don’t disregard the clothes section. Take a risk, explore and #discoverdifference. Who knows, you may just solve an annoying, common problem like I did (very last minute may I add!)

Shop the look:

Dress: Tesco (here)

Shoes: Tesco (here)

Belt: In The Style (here)


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