Summer Style

With just under a week left until my holiday, I’ve had a constant feed of clothes packages at my door. Obviously at least half of them were all sent back, but I’m glad I can finally say that my holiday haul is over!

Let’s see where and what I #DiscoveredDifferrence in…

New Look


These are the first pair of sliders I’ve ever owned and probably the cheapest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned for that matter!

I know you are probably thinking “how are these your first pair of sliders? They’ve been in fashion for years”, but my issue has always been the fact that most sliders are so wide for my ridiculously narrow feet. So, when I saw these slimline sliders for just £9, it was an obvious purchase.

The gold trim at the front also makes them so different and a bit prettier than the standard mule look.


Super comfy and really flattering. Wish I got more colours!


A great little playsuit to quickly slip on over a bikini at the beach. Also looks good with a pair of wedges, belt and a statement necklace for the evening.


Perfect for work in the summer months or a casual dinner on holiday. The wooden buttons are a hot trend right now.


Such a unique colour; in between mustard, orange and burgundy. Look great with a simple vest. So comfy yet so dressy.


Perfect fit. Easy to put on over a bikini for the beach or just to lounge in. Could even be used as gym shorts.


Last minute purchase for holiday. The material is probably too thick for the heat but will look good with some denim shorts or a white skirt. A floral bardot will never go out of fashion. I had one very similar about 5 years ago and stupidly got rid of it!


The ruffle look is everywhere right now and for £3, who cares if I only wear it for one summer until this trend dies out?!

White Sliders: £8.99 (white unavailable, silver available here)

Grey Dress: £14.99 (here) (similar here)

Black Playsuit: £9.99 (here) (similar here)

Black Dress: £22.99 (here) (similar here)

Mustard Shorts: £17.99 (original unavailable, similar here)

Grey Shorts: £6.99 (here) (similar here)

Floral Bardot Top: £14.99 (here)

Stripe Bardot Top: £7.99 / £3 (here)



The easiest shorts to put on and take off. Thank god the tie-waist is so in right now! Comfort and ultimate style in one.


Excuse me for not ironing this before I took the pic lol! Beautiful colour, comfy and will go with anything from trousers, to shorts to skirts.


Just like the grey shorts from New Look above, beaut little beach, chill or gym shorts. I’ve been living in them!


I’ve been after a crochet white dress for holiday for years but couldn’t justify paying more than £30 for one because the material just won’t last long. Then I found this gorgeous dress in the shop window of Select. This was the last one and just happened to be in my size.


As seen with the black dress from New Look above, I’m loving the wooden button trend and the colour mustard so I had to buy. Looks amazing with a pair of jeans and sliders or a denim skirt for a trendy shoreditch look.


After the amazing weather we’ve had in the UK this year, I realised that my work summer wardrobe wasn’t sufficient enough. I’ve tried a number of tea dresses from various different places but couldn’t find one that didn’t make me feel like a granny.  Eventhough these were the cheapest ones I’d tried on, they were the best fit. I had so many compliments when I wore these to work for the first time!


Black Tie-waist Shorts: £15.99/£10.99 (here) (similar here)

Pink Bodysuit: £6.99 (here)

Black & White Shorts: (original unavailable, similar here)

White Dress: £15.99 (here) (similar here)

Mustard T-shirt: £9.99 (here)

Pink Tea Dress: £16.99 (here)

Red Tea Dress: £15.99 (here)

 Jacqueline de Yong from F & F


I’d been struggling to find a denim skirt and denim pair of shorts that have some give on the waist so I don’t get a muffin top, whilst being tight on the bottom. As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s been near impossible.

I ordered this skirt from the F & F website (which I’m sad to say no longer exists) and wasn’t expecting it to fit nice as I’ve not heard of the brand before, but I surprisingly loved it. It’s shorter at the front than it is at the back which makes it a bit different and the waist isn’t ridiculously tight. I can sit down and have no rolls – thank you Jacqueline de Yong!

Skirt: £20.99 (original unavailable, similar here)

H & M


The same goes for these little beauties from H & M, and I can actually move around in them and breathe at the same time!

Shorts: £17.99 (here) (similar here)

Dilly Dally


I’d gone to my local shopping centre on my lunch break to return a parcel that I’d ordered for holiday (obviously) and came across this cute little boutique store. They had the most beautiful playsuits of such good quality at such a small price! I didn’t even bother trying these on but I didn’t need to. Great fit. So great in fact that I wore the mustard one for my birthday night out the day after!


Mustard Playsuit: £14.99 (original unavailable, similar jumpsuit here)

Striped Playsuit: £14.99 (original unavailable, similar here)

Pretty Little Thing


The picture really doesn’t do these justice but these are beautiful. They have splits up the side and are that really comfy, silky material. They’re high waisted too so will look nice with a crop top like below on holiday or for a classy dinner with barely there heels.


Can also be worn casually as a cover up for the beach.


I tried some shoes similar to this in Linzi but they were quite loose on my narrow skinny feet. Nevertheless, I thought I’d try these from Pretty Little Thing and they they fit great. A little annoying if you don’t tie them up properly as they tend to untie themselves but they are a nice in between for when you wan’t to dress up but still be comfortable and not try too hard!

White Trousers: £20.00 (here) (similar here)

Orange Top: (here)

White Wedges: (here)

Enjoyed this post or would like some more alternatives? Let me know in the comments below!


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