January Jumper Haul

For the majority of us, January is known for being the most depressing month of the year for many reasons:

  1. We’re forced to adjust back to our normal schedules which were positively disrupted by the festive season.
  2. Our bank accounts are looking more empty than ever.
  3. It’s cold. (If you’ve been in the UK, so cold that it even snowed!)

In addition to these points, we’re also being subliminally tortured by the retail industry. I mean who’s sick idea was it to invent the January sales?! The general consensus is that no one has any money, but all the items that you’ve been eyeing up throughout the whole of last year have been discounted. What is this hell we are living in?!

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about skipping a few meals in order to compensate for some shopping in the sales. However, I was strong. I took the risk of waiting until the end of January before I made any sale purchases, knowing full well that there probably wouldn’t be much left. Thankfully my risk paid off and I was able to eat lunch AND get myself a new winter wardrobe!

You know those days where you look in your wardrobe (which is full to the brim) and just think “I hate it all”, well I had one of those moments with my collection of jumpers. I’ve seen some beautiful knitwear on Instagram lately and where it’s been so cold, I thought I could justify getting a few more, or 4…

January Jumper copy

  1. Mustard Twist Reversible Jumper – La Sula Boutique

At the unbelievable sale price of £12.50 how on earth could I not get this mustard beaut from La Sula Boutique?! It’s super comfy and I love the fact that it can be dressed up or down.

Worn hanging off one shoulder and paired with some jeans and a lace bralet or vest top underneath, you can create the perfect chilled look. Come night time, hang the jumper off both shoulders like I have above, chuck on some heels and leather look trousers, and finish with a statement necklace.

Shop this jumper here.

2. Pink Lattice Detail Wide Sleeve Top – Topshop

I’d seen this in the sale at Topshop when I’d been window shopping after Christmas, so when I went back once I’d been paid and saw it still hanging on the rails, I knew I had to get it. Flute sleeves are definitely a big trend at the minute so this jumper fits right in.

I regretfully admit that I’ve been injected with the hypodermic needle of Instagram advertising, so as soon as I see a fashion trend being endorsed by a few influencers, I have to be a part of it. I won’t just buy the exact item that they are promoting however; I understand that these are simply just trends that will be over within a few months, so conduct my research to find a cheaper alternative.

At just £15, I wouldn’t care if this mauve bae went out of fashion next week lol! It looks great tucked into a-line skirts with otk boots like above, or with tights and some sock fit boots layered with a longline coat.

Shop this jumper here.

3. Cream Crop Lattice Back Knitted Jumper – Miss Selfridge

Out of all the jumpers purchased during this haul, I have to say that this little white number is my fave. It may look like just a simple, boring jumper from the front, but there’s a gorgeous lattice party going on in the back.

I purchased it with the mind frame that I’d wear it as an everyday jumper that could quickly be thrown on with a pair of jeans, but I’ve had so many compliments on how pretty the back detailing is, that I actually wore it to a casual dinner one night with heels.

At £22, it’s pricier than the last two knitwear pieces, but definitely worth that little bit extra. Made from a thick, soft, quality material, it’s loose which means it has the flexibility to be worn off the shoulders, whilst keeping you really warm. We all need a good, cosy baggy jumper that hides the weight we’ve put on over the festive period right?

Shop this jumper here.

4. Camel Striped Sleeve Sweatshirt – Miss Selfridge

I’m not normally one for sporty looking clothing; I tend to usually go for more of the “boutique” look. Nevertheless, I fell in LOVE with this colour so it didn’t matter what style of jumper it was. I have a pair of Nike Air Max Thea’s which match it perfectly, but I wouldn’t feel right pairing it with those as it could become too gym-looking.


Whilst envisioning different ways I could glam up the gorgeous raw hem jumper, I remembered my Boohoo peep toe block heels pictured above. All that’s missing is a black faux fur gilet and we have the ultimate Essex meets sporty spice vibe!

Shop this jumper here.

The 6-week payday wait is over, and Valentine’s day is fast approaching. Get Vday ready and #DiscoverDifference with these bargains now!



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