Classic Christmas Party Style


Christmas is just over a week away meaning that the parties & shopping are in full swing.

Temperatures are lowering as well as how much money we have in our pockets, which makes us more inclined to want to stay in. The thought of spending hours fake tanning those pasty legs & straightening our hair, only to get ruined by the freezing cold wind & rain is just not doing it. However, the free alcohol & food you were promised from your company at your Christmas party drives you to brave the cold.

Your next thought is:

How can I be warm, comfy, fashionable & christmassy all at once?

Luckily over the knee boots are still all the rage, so this instantly resolves any quibbles you may have of trying to look fashionable. As well as being worn by every blogger & celebrity, they also keep you warm which kills two birds with one stone! More importantly, they also save you time on getting ready because you don’t need to shave or
fake tan your legs! OK well maybe just that sneaky bit of thigh that will show (a bit like the meme (here)… if you know you know lol!)

So last week was my work do at the The Artillery Garden at the HAC which called for a bit of glam, but as I was going by train I needed comfort simultaneously. What better way to stay warm yet glamorous than my beloved OTK boots?! verona-1_black_su_2Bought from Public Desire in the AW15 range, they are the most comfy boots I own which can take me from day to night due to the cleated sole & block heel. Now as I have chicken legs, it was a MASSIVE struggle to find boots which didn’t look like bin bags on me & these honestly fit like a glove. I tried every single style in the book & spent fortunes in the process but none of them stayed up as well as these did, not even those which tied up! This must have been the case with many other Public Desire baes as they are still available to purchase (here).

Whilst I had managed to resolve 3 out of the 4 issues girls think about before going out in the winter months, I still had to figure out how to make my outfit “christmassy”. I don’t usually like anything sparkly as I think it can be quite tacky but I found the perfect, unworn, glittery dress lying in my wardrobe.

I originally bought it earlier this year for a birthday party with an “all that sparkles” theme but never got around to wearing it. What drew me to the dress was how subtle the sparkle was & the asymmetric wrap front. If you couldn’t already tell I love anything plain & minimalistic, so this was brilliant in adding a bit of glamour in a simple way to what would otherwise be a plain, long sleeve bodycon dress.  Who wouldn’t want a twist on the LBD to add to their wardrobe? Besides, it was just £15 in the sale at Dorothy Perkins! I also blended in with the amazing starlit, draped ceiling of the venue..


Unfortunately this bargain steal is no longer available as like the boots, it formed a part of the AW15 range however I have found a few others that I thought were worth #discoveringdifference in. The one on the left is from Topshop available (here), whilst the bang on trend one on the right is available on sale at ASOS (here)!!

A bare chest & shoulder, a dab of highlighter on the collarbones & a choker to finish, really is my go to look nowadays (which you can clearly see in my previous post (here) also lol!)


 I hope you enjoyed reading this & have hopefully helped you with some christmas party fashion inspo!


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